Lake Bolsena

It is the third largest lake in Italy and the largest volcanic basin in Europe. Many towns overlook its shores, and live on the resources that the lake offers them


Some stages of the route

Let's find out where we're going, together!

A hilly area, hard to ride, but which is never monotonous with its continuous ups and downs, rich in vegetation and good air, archeology and history, which has been able to preserve over time its authenicity linked to a strong rural tradition , especially in eating and drinking still very "homemade". Surrounded by a crown of wooded hills, the caldera of the largest volcanic lake in Italy opens up around which wind all 5 paths of "La Carrareccia", one for each "leg": 54 Km suitable for everyone and any type of velocipede; and for those who want to work hard and enjoy the view, "vintage crossing by boat"; 105 for more trained and heroic legs.

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