The Liberata

Registrations will be open from March 1st in the following ways:

  • € 10.00 from 01 March to Monday 23 April - only online

  • € 15.00 Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th April - only on site (piazzale D. Alighieri - Bolsena)

The online registration service is offered by, and can be accessed through this page by clicking on the button at the bottom.

It is NECESSARY to fill in the registration questionnaire proposed by Endu, after which the payment can be made. The accepted payment methods are as follows:

NB for any problems or clarifications relating to registrations, contact the manager Dario Cecconi at the e-mail address

The registration fee includes:

  • "Lunch voucher" to be used at the Trattoria “DA GUIDO” in viale Diaz - Bolsena

  • n.1 Refreshment in loc. Strada Rossa di Marta for all routes

  • Showers service

  • Participation number to be applied on the bicycle

  • "Road-Book" for affixing the control stamps, containing the indications of the roads to follow

  • Any other gadgets and / or prizes made available by the organization

Departures will take place from Piazza Dante Alighieri -Bolsena- as follows:

  • At 07:00 for the "100 MIGLIA" route (km 160)

  • At 08:00 for the "3 Regioni" (km 130) and "Umbro" (km 105) routes

  • At 09:00 for the "Maremma" (km 80) and "Classico" (km 54) routes

The meeting and delivery of the Participation Numbers will take place in Piazza Dante Alighieri - Bolsena:

  • Tuesday 24 April from 15.00 to 19.00

  • Wednesday 25 April from 06.00 to 09.00

Here you can download the rules of the event, READ CAREFULLY before registering!