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What is "La Carrareccia"?

Grandad’s answer would be “It is, it was the road where one passed with the carts!” [make this old slangy] Retracing that road is a jump back in time, an opportunity to return to the past of simple, genuine things which grow old but never die: when one breathed good air, when the tastiest snack was bread and dripping and on Sunday there was a smile to chase away problems. And of course there was the bike, still more common than the car. 

Why not relive that time for a few hours, retaste those flavours in your mouth and discover the sensations and fatigue of our cyclists of long ago? So it was that one autumn evening a few years ago, a group of Bolsena cyclists chose this name for the event and gave life to the project to develop/enhance our white roads and the beauty of our land. 

Today La Carrareccia is an established and well-known historic cycle event with 7 editions to its credit and a rich program, not just of kms to pedal: from themed meetings on Friday to the convivial tour of the cantinas on Saturday afternoon, accompanied by the popular songs of the “washerwomen of Tuscia”.

A pleasant holiday to spend on your pedals, discovering the land of the Etruscans and unspoilt nature and countryside; to enjoy walking the old historic town streets or on the edge of the biggest volcanic lake in Europe, from time to time glancing at the temptations of the vintage market. 

And after the fatigue of pedalling comes time to refresh the muscles and the spirit, letting yourself be tempted by the flavours of our traditional foods.


It will be an unforgettable weekend, you will return home sated by everything, still singing the anthem of La Carrareccia!

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